Apprentice administrator designing L&D Evaluation - should I be worried?

Having recently joined a council/local government L&D team, I have just learned that a (higher) apprentice administrator, who started in the role four months ago, has been assigned a project to design the evaluation of training for our department. When I asked for more details on the project, who makes the decisions (there seems to be a panel) etc, the partner who manages this administrator just told me to "discuss any details of this project with her".

Alarm bells started ringing.

Now, I am more than happy for an apprentice to complete stretch tasks, but in my experience, it has always been the responsibility of the Training manager or other senior figure in the team to design evaluation processes, and even more so I would expect this in my team, as we provide L&D interventions to over 4K staff.

So, the question is, once again, should I be worried and raise my concerns with my fellow partner and my manager?

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