I'm looking to talk to people who have recently had SharePoint 2010 installed.


Our company has just implemented SharePoint to replace an old and outdated intranet system. Whilst we know that it has a lot of potential, we don't have the necessary skills to ensure we get the best out of it, and I'm looking for some guidance on how to make it best suit our needs. Can anyone out there help, or recommend someone who can?





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Hi Paul, It might be worth taking a look at the Lynda.com site as they seem to have quite a few modules on Sharepoint 2010. Hope that helps! Jonquil

Hi - we've done some very clever things with sharepoint turning it into a fully fledged social learning platform: http://integration.crossknowledge.com/Sharepoint_Integration

Jonquil's link to Lynda.com is definitely worth checking out as a starter; takes you from Sharepoint 101 to how to make best use of the more advanced features around sharing and interpreting knowledge.

Our organisation is about to move to Sahrepoint, so thanks to others for the comments which will be helpful to me too.

Thanks for all of your suggestions so far. All very helpful

Hi Paul - I'm using SharePoint for resources and online procedure guides (just preparing to launch). Have video, socialcast, UDUTU etc. Nothing flashy but using what we have.

Happy to demo to show you where I'm at. I can't speak for the technical side of things but I can from a adding content point of view.

Send me a message and I'll arrange something.

Best wishes


Hi Paul. Similarly to Paul M. above, I have designed a series of courses in SharePoint, the most complex 'deep learning' being an 18 month course with external assessment, integrating workplace and course-based social learning (syndicated) - one 'control' site for trainers and three sub sites (one per syndicate with social collaboration).  Next step is to integrate virtual classroom for more workplace learning. As an approach to learning SharePoint, I found a good grounding in permissions to be essential, closely followed by which web parts and resources can be used with permissions to 'unroll' a story. Several iterations and a valid pilot will always help. Good luck.Steve Goodwin

Hi Paul,

I work for a vendor that has much of the functionality you would build (build=time+money) in Sharepoint, out of the box.  So you dont actually any specific skill sets.  You just need to know your business.


Just throwing it out there. Many people love Sharepoint because of the free license but then forget about how much time and money they spend on resources trying to build and maintain.



Hi Paul


We too have just gone over to Sharepoint. The 'show me' videos are quite good to begin with, certainly to get you started - I am no technical expert but got a bit bored and found them less useful as I started to get more use of the system.

When you start we found that using 'content editor' as the webpart to design in gave us greater flexibility - it was much more like creating something in Word or Powerpoint, which is much more my comfort zone


Lynda.com is agreat reminder, I used to have web designers that used this, so could be a good resource.


Hope this helps 



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