July 13: How to Boost Learning Engagement through Video Games ,Caroline Reese

According to a study by Forrester Research, only 30% of students starting an e-learning course complete it. Many of the current online courses are ineffective and lack motivation. Most workers end up bored and frustrated. Let's face it: we have a problem. To help you solve this problem, Learning Technologies and Gamelearn have organized the Webinar How to Boost Learning Engagement through Video Games. Join this free webinar and discover:

  • How to turn your training into tools which are directly applicable.
  • How to offer truly useful content through experiential learning
  • How to learn practical techniques to increase learning engagement
  • And how to use video games as an extremely effective tool for developing people and employees

Click here for a recording of the webinar.

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat (needs Chrome, or other non-IE browser).

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Hi, is there a recording of this webinar?

Thanks, Brian



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