June 8: Innovation your ultimate competitive advantage,Thomas J Lucas

Innovation, what's it all about? We know innovation is critical to organisational success, sometimes organisational survival and we know innovation can lead to enhanced profits, increased customer loyalty and beating average industry results. So what are you doing in L&D to drive innovation in your business? And how are you doing that? How do you foster collaboration, with an army of innovators, 100s, 1000s or even 10,000s of people that drive the innovation pipeline aligned to your organisational strategy and KPIs? Want to find out how to it, using the best innovation methodology from a global innovation guru in partnership with a best in breed digital learning company? Then join us on June 8th to find out more.

Click here for a recording of the webinar.

See below for a PDF of the presentation  (needs Chrome, or other non-IE browser).

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