Hi All,

I'm currently investigating Learning Experience Platforms (Degreed, Edcast, Fuse, YourLearning/IBM) on behalf of my company. Was just wondering/hoping that there may  be some of you out there already using these and may be willing to share your experiences and insights, please? Thanks. Andrew

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Hi there Andrew,

My name is Henry and I work for a company called Dynamic that provides a learning platform which is a heavily modified version of Moodle aimed at the corporate/enterprise user. We have client platforms that cater for 1,000 users, right up to 40,000+.

There is more information available on our website via the following link, including some of our customer testimonials: https://dynamicbusiness.co.uk/what-we-do-dynamiclms.php 

If you like what you see, please let me know and we can arrange a chat or product demo. 

Hello Andrew,

I like that you use the term Learning Experience Platform. I can imagine you prefer to get reactions around experiences from different users - so forgive me that I respond as representative of a provider: aNewSpring. The platform was developed with the learner in mind and the purpose 'to serve the world with inspiring learning journeys'. Please have a look at https://www.anewspring.com/  I'm happy to connect you with actual users of aNewSpring that match best with your context. If you like - let me know how I might help you further.

Good luck with this challenging project! Greetings, Ger Driesen 



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