October 19:Who do you need on your learning technology implementation team,Donald H Taylor

You have the platform, the budget and the deadline. You’re all set to implement your learning technology. Now you just need one thing – a team to do it all. But what should the team do? Who should it involve? Should every member be committed to it full-time? And what can you do if – as with many implementation – the team consists of just one or two people?

In this LSG webinar, Learning Technologies chairman Donald H Taylor draws on his book Implementing Learning Technologies in the Workplace, the associated course, and other research to explore the crucial role of the team in putting a learning technology implementation to work.

If you have just bought, or are about to buy, a learning technology system of any sort, attend this webinar to learn how to assemble the best team to implement it.

  • Why people matter less than roles 
  • The 4+1 core team roles 
  • Beyond the core: the crucial extra roles you need
  • Ensuring your team has ‘structural influence’
  • Co-opting skills from elsewhere

Click here for a recording of the webinar.

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat (needs Chrome, or other non-IE browser).

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Hi, in order to watch the recording it's asking me to log into Adobe Connect. I am already a member of the LSN Ning but it won't accept these user details. Please could someone let me know how I can watch this webinar? Thanks Emma



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