Launching a new LMS in a large organisation where the only experience of LMS is for compliance learning is a daunting prospect.


Without getting in to the LMS debate around 'class vending machine' etc what hints and tips can you give around building a comunications strategy to support the launching of LMS in a large org (15K+) employees


Things I'm thinking around are:


Finding our what's important to learners?

How can you sell the benefits to users? What's in it for them?

How can you shift the view that LMS is just a c"ourse vending machine" - is this even a problem for some?

How can you keep people coming back to LMS - is content king?

Can you capture hearts and minds with a standalone LMS?

Regular and varied communications to people?

Working with key business stakeholders as this is not all about L&D surely?

Do we need to get smarter at marketing tools like LMS (if you build it they won't come type of thing)?


Any thoughts on the above? I know it's a huge subject but any thoughts or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated


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