The UCT (the Ufi Charitable Trust) intends to use the proceeds of the sale of Ufi Limited - which exceeds £40m - to the mission of achieving "a step change in adult learning and employability for all in the UK, through the adoption of 21st century technologies”.

If you'd like to influence the way that the UCT will use those funds to achieve its mission then it's worth spending just ten minutes filling out it's online survey. I think that this is well worth doing, and it would be great for the needs of Charities to be represented when decisions are made about dividing these funds:

The deadline for entries is 6th March.

The data gathered, along with that from interviews and from desk research, will form a report to be published prior to the Trust’s public launch in May 2012.


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Sorry, I'm not sure why the link isn't working - I've shortened it and this should work!




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