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After Learning Technologies 2013

So after two of the busiest days in my calendar year at the annual Learning Technologies conference and event, I wanted to just do an initial round-up of what I saw and heard. I'll try and delve a little deeper in subsequent posts but need time to digest it a bit more first. It was fantastic to catch up with so many people at the event - and sorry to everyone I missed, it all went so quickly!…


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Learning Technologies: Tune into the back channel (part three)

This is the final part of the pre-Learning Technologies 2013 build up, which if I’m honest I’m writing as much for myself as for everyone else! I want to check I’ve got everything covered and all the relevant information out there that will help people get the most from the event, both for those attending in person and those following the back channel. I’m a big lover of check lists, so here goes:

  • Links to the conference programme – …

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Learning Technologies 2013: Tune into the back channel (Part two)

Following on from my blog post earlier this week, here’s some more information on how to get the most out of the Learning Technologies 2013 back channel.

Session hashtags

As there’s soooo much going on at the event, this year the conference sessions will have individual hashtags. So if you’re following using TweetChat or something similar, you can search on the specific sessions to keep your focus on a particular topic. Below is a list of these hashtags and…


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Learning Technologies 2013: Tune into the back channel

It’s that time of year again. No sooner have the Christmas festivities finished then it’s the end of January and time for Europe’s (if not the world’s) largest event focused on organisational learning and development. Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills 2013 kicks off next week and I am privileged to be working with Don Taylor and the organisers to bring you a back channel  that is worthy of such a great conference and exhibition.

In the first of several blog posts that will…


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That Learning Dude and Lego

What happened to creation? 


Chistmas brings joy and usually Lego to my house, but what has happened to Creation?

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Introducing That Learning Dude

Hello there, just a short note to introduce myself, I am (he says in alter ego fashion) That Learning Dude, just the one that people ask all about this and that and a little bit more. I am by day a learning consultant with Tesco Academy (Tesco Bank) with and by night and day spending far too much time online according to my dear wife, but that is me, thinking learning around 18 hours a day and loving it.

I have just started down the blog route and taking things a little more…


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How do subject matter experts create high-quality eLearning resources?

It has become increasingly easy to create eLearning resources. Software tools such as authorware, learning management systems and social web applications allow those without programming or design skills to produce their own eLearning courseware. More and more organisations are making use of this potential, in particular because it can support the spread of knowledge and best practice internally from subject matter experts to colleagues.

However, though this…


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Tomorrow's conference

Am really looking forward to the conference.  Hoping to hear about lots of really good organisational examples, especially those that don't cost the earth to implement.

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Is that really me?

I've started doing my first voiceovers for software demonstrations using Adobe Captivate, and there's another huge wave still to come.  I class myself as a veteran of these kinds of software demonstrations, in fact in a 6…


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Live video on webinar

I'm looking for some ideas on streaming video live during a webinar. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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How social media has changed the way I think & learn (part 3)

Copied over from my personal blog



Last October I started my Masters degree (MEd) with the University of Hull, done entirely online. Seems fitting, especially as the subject was in…


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How social media has changed the way I think & learn (part 2)

Copied over from my personal blog




Keeping a public blog has been a very positive move for building my self-awareness, and overcoming some of my own limitations in communicating.  As an…


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How Social Media has changed the way I think & learn

[Copied over from my personal blog]

So, some time ago I had an idea about getting social media used more at my workplace. It's been on the back-burner for a while to avoid clashing with our busiest period, but that will be drawing to an end soon, and I now have a whole lot more tricks at my disposal thanks to…


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Architects for learning

Architects as we usually know them

An architect is someone who creates the plans from which others build.

An architect of buildings designs environments for living. Only rarely will they be designing an environment in which they themselves will be living. More typically they will be responding to a very specific brief that reflects very particular requirements. Before they put pen to paper, the architect simply has to know the following:

  • What type of building is…

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Delicious and the risks to a distributed eportfolio

See the post in its original context here.


The future of Delicious, the social bookmarking site, is uncertain at the moment. There are conflicting reports as to whether it's being "sunsetted" by its owner Yahoo, sold off, released as open source etc. Whatever its future, there are implications for… Continue

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Digital Storytelling - Embrace Simplicity

See the post in it's original context here.


Although no one's actually challenged me yet I've often felt I should be ready to answer questions about whether digital storytelling is too insubstantial to be a worthwhile academic or personal development activity. How, after all, can you say anything of any depth when you only have a few minutes of combined media to get your message across.…


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4 lessons and 1 cause for concern - Reflections from Learning Technologies 2011

Thought I would share some of the lessons that I picked up at LT2011 this year plus a concern that I have as well- would love to know your thoughts!


Despite indications that the economy is slowly recovering, the pressure to add value, justify cost and deliver results for L&D teams appears to be increasing on a daily basis.  When we don’t have the luxury of time to make and learn from our mistakes, all help is welcome if we are to work faster and smarter in 2011! For me,…


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New Blog: ePortfolio Amplifier

I recently started a new blog under the auspices of JISC Netskills. It's called the ePortfolio Amplifier and it's aim is to share information and resources on the web relating to ePortfolios in education and the workplace.

There's also an associated Twitter account.



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Digital Storytelling 1 - Why tell stories?

This is the first in a series of posts on digital… Continue

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What's in a Moodle?

A lot of people in e-learning and beyond have been asking us about Moodle recently. They’re curious about this funny word because what was once a little-known verb is now a global movement: forty million users in 216 countries and fifteen books written about how to use it so far. And it’s no longer just universities, colleges and schools which are using Moodle-based online learning environments. Increasingly, the corporate LMS is a Moodle-based LMS.

Private sector ears pricked up… Continue

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