Fully Customizable E-Learning Localization

You’d never guess it from my svelte figure but I really enjoy my food. I am also a huge fan of Subway. The quirky job titles like Sandwich Technician help. However what I love most is the fact you can order exactly the sandwich you want 100% how you like it. You can choose the bread, you can choose the filling, you can choose the salad (or if you are like my son you avoid it like the plague) and you can even choose the sauce.

Before I start salivating, I better explain why on earth I’m going on about this. The success of Subway speaks volumes about customer service in the 21st Century and how the world has changed. Years ago you had minimal choice and getting a bland meal that didn’t give you food poisoning was an added bonus.

Nowadays customers rightly demand products and services that fully meet their needs at their convenience. It’s no longer acceptable for suppliers to be prescriptive and have a take it or leave it attitude. Being flexible and customer centric isn’t just quite a good idea, it’s an absolute must.

No doubt you are wondering how any of this relates to e-learning localization. RWS has a suite of services. Our e-learning localization quotes include transparent pricing clearly broken down line item by line item. We can offer an end to end solution working directly with the native authoring files and handling the reintegration of localized content. We can work with an export of content and ensure the overall integrity of your code is maintained. If reintegrating multiple language versions at once causes capacity issues for your e-learning authors, we can look at staggered deliveries or our scalable engineering team can ease the overall burden by handling some or all of the work.  

Essentially RWS’ e-learning localization services offer you a completely customizable pick and mix menu designed to fully meet your needs and to address your pain points. If you’d like to discuss your best recipe for success, please contact me.

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