SCORM Vs. Tin Can API: Which is The Right Fit For Your Organization?

Developing effective eLearning content that translates into workplace performance matters! It requires a lot of effort, time and cost to create engaging eLearning content. Creating is not enough, it also needs to be well tracked, recorded and analyzed to measure the learning via Learning Management System (LMS). To make this happen, the LMS should be able to communicate with the eLearning content. It only happens when the developed content adheres to set of technical standards such as SCORM or Tin Can API. So choosing an apt platform to publish the eLearning courses must be well thought out.

While selecting the compliance there is a slight confusion between eLearning content standards SCORM and Tin Can API a.k.a. xAPI (Experience API). In this blog, we will explore the facts to help you understand the differences between these two and help you make the right decision that fits your eLearning requirement.


One of the important peculiarities among SCORM and Tin Can is that they are different standards. Though their basic job is to define how the eLearning courses communicate with a Learning Management System (LMS). It’s just that both of these platforms do the same job in different ways. And obviously since Tin Can is the successor of SCORM, it can do a lot more than what SCROM does. We’ll get to Tin Can in a moment, but before that let’s see what SCORM has for us to offer.

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