• Mar 23, 2017 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Achieving behaviour change – a nudge in the right direction.

Owen Rose, Managing Partner, Acteon

Does learning necessarily result in behaviour change? It may be part of the process, but most people will also need some nudges in the right direction. This presentation explores how to achieve real behaviour change with learning interventions, and shows how a novel approach to learning design helped clients like Channel 4 achieve award-winning outcomes.

  • Identify the reasons why learning initiatives fail to deliver impact.
  • Define the characteristics of an effective behaviour-change message
  • Recognise how effective learning design can promote behaviour change

Owen Rose

Owen has been instrumental in developing Acteon’s approach to creating integrated, blended learning and communication solutions. Working with a wide range of clients in many sectors, he has honed a set of skills and tools that help ensure our solutions deliver engagement and impact. Owen has guided multiple award-winning projects, including our ground-breaking work with HC-One and Channel 4.

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Making personalized, collaborative learning a reality 
Joel Hellermark, CEO & Founder, Sana Labs 
Collaboration and personalisation are two trends that dominate contemporary thinking about workplace learning. 
Collaborative learning involves synchronous, interactive live sessions with groups of learners, and is powered by social dynamics and community. 
Personalization focuses on self-paced instruction that responds to the unique needs of every learner, and is powered and scaled by AI. 
Is it possible to combine these two? According to Joel it is. In this session, he will explore what it means to combine these two approaches in entirely new ways—using social dynamics to increase engagement while responding to each learner’s needs to improve learning outcomes. Join us to explore the exciting possibilities of personalized, collaborative learning.
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