I suffer from a visual impairment, which has shaped the way I learn both on and offline and I wanted to share my experience.

I've recently written a blog post on 'How to make e-learning accessible', which focuses on how my learning experience differs from that of an able learner, and what steps can be taken when embarking on a new project, in order to make things easier.

To read more please click here.

I'd also be really interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Thank you

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Great blog - thanks for alerting us to it via this site! I develop elearning and have recently come across accessibility issues - your articles are a really useful place to start.
Hi Samantha

Sheena Clohessy of I Can Do Learning here. We have developed an e-learning suit of products to teach digital skills,, we built in accessibility for visual impairment, would love you to look at the programme and give us your feedback. Get in touch with me at sheena@i-cando.ie.

Hi Samantha
Your blog is incredibly useful to me as my organisation (sports coach UK) is entering the realm of e-learning and Moodles! I work with a team of product developers each with their own technical lead role, mine being disability so your information is really useful for me. The video clip of the young person playing football for his college team is phenomenal and has had an incredible effect on the rest of my team in terms of their understanding of what inclusion really is.
I would like to upload this clip onto our own You Tube channel (www.youtube.com/sportscoachuktv), which has just been launched, and wondered if this would be possible? Is there a copyright attached to this or is it in the public domain already? I am a firm believer that pictures speak a thousand words and that sports coaches around the world should watch this film as it will change their perception of disability and including disabled people in their coaching sessions.

Kind regards
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you found the post useful.

With regards to the YouTube upload, this clip was taken from ESPN, so if you were to upload to your YouTube channel it may breach the copyright policy. You might find YouTube's Copyright Tips page helpful,

Alternatively you can embed it into a page on your website/intranet. If you'd like to do this, email me at sam.brackley@brightwave.co.uk and I can send you the code.

Hi Sam,

This is a great article. I've been working closely with a severely visually-impaired colleague to create a range of accessible Health and Safety courses and am amazed at what is possible. I've learnt so much from my colleague about both how he learns and how he manages to cope on a daily basis. I've also found the courseware we've developed helpful in situations where there are connectivity problems as it can run on a low bandwidth - so there are many benefits to developing courses in this way. The key really is to build it into the course at the design stage and not try to fit it retrospectively - many accessibility principles are a case of good web design anyway and should be standard. Accessibility is clearly an issue that affects all of us - none of us are getting any younger after all.

Thanks once again for generating awareness around this subject.

Hi Alison,

It's really nice to hear that you and others are making a concerted effort to make workplace learning more accessible.

I agree that the key really is to build it into the design stage, as adding this one extra step to the project process may take a little extra time and thought, but the result can have a huge impact on the individual.

Interestingly despite there being a huge amount of articles online about disability and inclusiveness in the workplace, there does seem to be a distinct lack of information from learner's perspective, so hopefully this may spark others to speak out.

Hi Sam

Thanks for your insights - so interesting to hear your experiences. e2train has a team developing bespoke e-learning and making that content accessible with features like screen reader compatibility, high contrast and zoom functionality for example is a really important part of what we do. I hope you don't mind but I've shared the link with them so they can all read about it from 'the other side of the fence' so to speak.

Thanks again for sharing



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