Any experience implementing this? From your experiences what were the issues/limitations from both implementation view point and cost.


what are my choices?

  • voice over artist / studio = expensive
  • text to speech software - does not always sound natural

Is there anything I have missed?

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I have had great sucess getting Subject Matter Experts to record the audio track. Although most are not as talented as voiceover artists they bring gravitas and sincerity to the final product. I have produced 78 modules and (around 20,000 views) and I have found that no-one has reacted negativly however I have received numerous positive feedback about the naration being "real". I would recommend a Zoom H4n as a good starting point however if you are looking to do a number of these then investing in a good microphone and warm pre-amp would be a good idea.
Ed Steeds MBA
eLearning Manager Laing O'Roruke
Hi Talat,

This link may be of some use to you?

Hi Craig,

What link?....been a long day, after all it is Friday ;-)

Any joy now?
Hi Craig,

No joy I'm afraid.
For some reason, when I post a link it doesnt appear!

I'll try this.
Thanks! That worked...phew!
My colleague has also written some practical tips on how to create professional recordings on a shoestring.

Thanks Samantha!
Just wanted to share this really useful set of 10 tips for voiceovers. Its pretty exhaustive and helpful if you contemplating going DIY.

In my last job we had the luxury of having a professional voiceover artist as our boss. She did voiceovers for in-car sat nav on the side, quite a useful resource to have. Might be worth asking around though if you work in a big office, you might find hidden talents, amateur actors, etc.

Anyway for our content we use an Alesis USB mic with pop screen.
HI Talat,

We have created a number of training modules and audio books. We use members of the team for the recordings and find that variety and differing accents make the information more real. If you go down this road invest in a decent microphone (I have a Rodeo mike around £100), a desk stand and a basic audio editing programme. As time has gone on people haven't been available to record items and I have had to stand in! It can be quite unnerving listening to yourself and editing but it can be done. Even I sound ok, with my distinct brumie accent and all! I tend to record directly into Captivate these days.
Thanks Catherine!



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