hi everyone

The SAP enterprise software has an optional module that provides organisations with an LMS. Does anyone have experience of this module in their organisation? What has been the experience like for your learners, in terms of usability and functionality, compared to experiences with other LMS's?


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Hi Richard,

We're using it to provide access to compliance-type elearning modules, but that's about it. So not using even 10% of what it's capable of.

From the learners' point of view it's a similar user experience to the rest of SAP. If you like the way the SAP interface works, then it'll be OK for you.

It might be an idea to post your question in the LinkedIn group: SAP LSO Enterprise Learning. It's a pretty active group there.


hi Mark
thanks, will try posting to that group. So far I have been getting feedback that functionality is good but usability could be better. Also implementation costs are higher than a typical LMS.
Hi Richard,

You are right. Its 'big and cumbersome' but if stable it works very well. If your using SAP in your organisation and you have trainings developed using SAP Productivity Pak or UPerform with the associated context sensitive help then its best to use the SAP LMS

Yes it is expensive
Hi Richard,

We use LMS as an addition to SAP, and it is a very useful tool for us to keep track of not only individual's learning enrolments and history's but also it puts the onus of learning and development into the hands of the individual.

I would recommend LMS to any firm that runs both internal and external courses.

It is very usable, the problems that we experience are those that are generated by the user setting up the courses on LMS where they either input the wrong parameters in, which causes not only confusion but also some mistakes.

Hope this helps.
Thanks to Mark, Richard and Tom for contributing to this question. As Mark suggested, I posted this question to the SAP LSO Enterprise discussion group and got lots of useful replies from people who are already using the SAP LMS in their organisation. You will need to ask permission to join the group which happens quite quickly and then can see everyone's contributions to the discussion at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=163511&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr



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