Anyone used Skillcast to produce interactive learning modules?

I have been asked to evaluate this product, does anyone have any experience of it that could help?

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Hi, Tony

I've had a quick look at it and the only thing I though was very cool was the ability to export the course content in XML/Excel, have it localised in other languages and them import it back in order to create other language versions of your stuff... though they conveniently fail to highlight that some languages add about 20% through translation, so checking / resizing each content area is necessary before exporting the stuff out.

I kind of see why people may choose it, but at the mo I'm a one-person show and MS PowerPoint, Articulate Studio, Dragster, Adobe Captivate and various Flash snippets I come across are more than enough for me.

Moreover, I also almost switched off when they started praising their templates and milestones and then showed what Duarte Design calls 'slideuments' (awful PPT slides with lots of text). One thing that working with the Articulate Studio community has taught me is how to really put some effort in making PowerPoint look less like PowerPoint.
Thank you that is most helpful.



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