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I have had some good conversations at events recently with people who are working on their apprenticeship strategies, preparing to deal with the implications of the upcoming levy.  However, it seems to still be 'below the radar' of a lot of people - I presume as the policy is still being released in parts and has a cross-department impact beyond L&D/OD into recruitment, finance, etc.

So I thought I would start a thread here.

I know a lot of us are trying to assess the impact of the levy on the way we will operate and the impact on workplace development - so what are you expecting the levy to mean for you?

Personally we are looking at how well we can align career development and performance improvement with apprenticeship standards.  Thus looking to use apprenticeships instead of, or to accredit, our existing career development and L&D offer.

Fundamentally I find there to be some really challenging language in the arguments for the policy changes, for example the below graph that is a number of reports.  It seem to take a very simplistic view of what development means:

I'm sure modern apprenticeships are a great solution for a lot of employers and employees but the above chart really seems to ignore the complexity of performance improvement.

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