The top Learning Management System (LMS) search suggested by one search engine is 'What is an LMS?' Another top search turns out to be 'Is the LMS dead?' A bit of a contradiction here - with the LMS's demise predicted before some people know of its existence!


We know two things for sure. One is that according to research from Towards Maturity covering 400 organisations, the number of organisations using LMSs has increased from 65% to 78% in the past 18 months. The other is that there's been plenty of talk (and still is) about the LMS being dead.


What's your opinion?

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I strongly disagree that the LMS is dead. What I will say is that the LMS as we've traditionally known it is dead. I strongly disagree with LMS critics who beat up on an old idea of what an LMS is - a dry content repository that does dry reports. Modern LMS's like Totara and Upside use great social features to help learners collaborate in the context of a formal learning environment. Now the big question is around the importance of formal learning in the organisation - in places where that need seems to be going down, the need for the LMS is likely to go down as well. This is totally different however, from saying that the LMS itself is dead.



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