I have some 40 Articulate modules (ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes) which I need to re-skin, update and edit, and then re-publish into our LMS (Moodle).

Because of the volume and because of the timescales (guess what, I need this yesterday!) and to ensure consistency across all 40, I would like to find an agency that specialises in Articulate rather than going the freelance route I've used so far.

Can anyone recommend such a company?

Many thanks


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I've sent you an email on this. If you don't receive it, please feel free to contact me at; I can either assist or likely point you in the right direction.
Hi Tony

We put a lot of Articulate builds through Kineo who I would recommend. If you need it yesterday they should have the scale to get the work done quickly for you.



Two companies immediately spring to mind:

Omniplex, from whom we buy our Articulate software, and

Kineo, who are also an Articulate partner in the UK.

Good luck!

I am a bit late on this but if you need anyone to do some quality writing, video or other content creation I am available with time between my projects at IWBL Middlesex University. See my website if you have time.
Hi Tony

Jerry Rawlins is a freelance guy who we have worked with before, predominantly to train us on Captivate but also the basics of Articulate. You can find him on LinkedIn. Hope this helps
Kineo would be my choice! Experts in Articulate skins and Moodle - best of luck
Many thanks everyone. Lesson that I should have checked with Kineo first! We are putting so much work their way at the moment this was an effort to diversify and spread the load. But Kineo has just been in contact to remind me that it is a different part of the company so resource won't be an issue. Thanks for the other leads too. By the way, if anyone else wants even more suggestions I also have a few leads now from the Articulate site (mostly US companies but depending on the work, that might not be an issue!).

Thanks again
Hi Tony
There is a company we use to create Adobe Captivate tutorials and Online presentation material using Articulate. The company name is Capensys.
Ian Brown
+44 (0)7810 501369

Deborah Williams
Hi Tony
I can highly recommend Aurion Learning who have great expertise in this area. Contact Ross Maguire on 02890643211
Hi Tony,

Would definitely recommend Kineo- experts in Articulate, and the quality of the bespoke skins they have produced for us here at Virgin Media is excellent. Resource is never as issue in my experience.

I'll strongly recommend Kineo. They're great with Articulate, have an excellent team and have extensive experience with Moodle too. The go-to guys in the UK, in my limited knowledge of course!
Have to agree with those that have recommended Kineo for this one! Tracey



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