Benchmarking how long it takes to prepare online and face to face training

Hi everyone,


I wonder if anyone else has done any work trying to analyse and average how long they spend trying to produce good quality training solutions? If you have, and have any data, we'd be really pleased to hear from you. We're specifically looking for how long it takes to develop the following:


  • outsourced e-learning modules - the finished article might be either 30 mins in length or 60 mins
  • in-house e-learning modules - again, finished article might be either 30 mins in length or 60 mins
  • webinars (live) - finished article 60 mins in length
  • webinars (recorded) - finished article 60 mins long
  • podcasts - finished article 10 mins long
  • face to face workshop - 1 day (both a new course from a scratch and prepping for one you've run before)
  • face to face workshop - 2 days (as above) 
  • survey monkey quiz  - 20 questions


Would be great to hear from anyone who's tried to log this -is there anyone out there from a consultancy where there are standards for this kind of thing?


Ruth Webster

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Hi Ruth,

Have been away from my desk and e-mails on holiday so only just seen your question.   I can see you have had a lot of response but if you are still looking for answers I can share with you some practcal experience.  It is probably a little overlong to outline in an e-mail but if you are interested please let me know and I'll send you some contact details.




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