We currently use Basecamp for collaboration amongst the team and customers and for project management. However, the new version - Basecamp 3 - is just not working as well for us as we'd like it to. Can anyone recommend a better equivalent?

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Hey Tess,

You could try taking a look at Yammer. It compares quite nicely to BC. It's different, but I've used it with good results.

Thanks Simon. I hadn't thought of using Yammer in that way but I will certainly check it out.

I think the groups can work pretty well for keeping projects together. Between them and Google Docs it's fairly easy to track objectives, see where bottlenecks are and communicate between sub teams.

Hi Tess. I like Trello for smaller projects.

Oo that looks interesting - thanks Chris

The original Basecamp still works fine for me, Tess - and much better than Basecamp 2. 

We're having problems with the customer view. It works particularly badly with Outlook on Windows 7, which a few of our customers use. It also doesn't store files as well as the previous version and doesn't send the most recent comments to the top. We got along pretty well with Basecamp2 and like the look and feel of 3 but the functionality is not quite doing it for us. We have been wondering if there's something better out there.

Hi Tess,

It depends what your focus is. Is the primary need is for a group to discuss, share information and collaborate, I would love for you to try out Noddlepod. Functionality wise it is similar to Yammer, but Noddlepod is more structured - making it easier to refer to and build upon previous activity. 

If the primary need is task management, Trello or Asana might be worth a look.

I highly recommend Smartsheet.com if you require customer views and project management as well. Smartsheet allows you to set up Gantts and task lists. More importantly, you can attach files, have discussions and even set reminders and update requests. You can set alerts to specific people on a timed basis or immediately. 

I use a combination of Smartsheet and Trello for project management and team collaboration and it's working very well. 

Have you tried PODIO?

Lots of great recommendations - thank you everyone!

Hi Tess I'm experimenting with Trello and love it. I hate excel with a passion and saw Emma Smith and her team at Camelot using Trello for managing scrums. So far so good, as I love the visuals and the email reminders I get, plus its mobile. 



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