Good day everyone. I am trying to find out how best to design and deliver bite-sized IT training to about 500 staff with little or no IT skills. I work in the health and social care sector. As much as possible i want to avoid face to face delivery.


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Hi Bole - we're doing a Ufi funded project delivering bite-sized skills training to care workers at the moment. We found that, despite limited IT skills, most of them have a smartphone, so we are delivering it to their phones. This also makes it more useful for them to use at the point of need. 

Thanks Tess,

That's really usefull. I like the idea of designing to people's phones. Please what tool did you use to design content for smartphones.


Hi Bole - In this case, it's a bespoke build in php and javascript.

Oh, were you involved in writing the code?

Hi Bola,

At AXA insurance we had a challenge with a compliance piece that needed converting. We looked at many options but then found JollyDeck's coach to be the best solution out there for our needs ( ).

Their cross device solution meant that users weer able to access it with the device they choose (tablet, mobile or PC). The analytics were very impressive and results in delivery to 2500 people in 6 weeks (we're now writing the case study with Towards Maturity).

Best of all - they were REALLY affordable, MUCH better than anyone else we saw on the market.

Drop me a line if you need more info,

Asi DeGani

That looks interesting Asi. Does it really tell people that they're a 'fool' - as per the homepage conversation? :-)


You can tweak the language and we made sure that it's clean. We did keep the humour level high (the subject was boring) and the responses were very positive (I don't think anyone really thought they were going to be spanked if they answered incorrectly). If memory serves some of the modules are available as a trial - give it a try.

Research stands firmly behind humour usage and we can testify that it worked well for us. Saying that - like any other tool if you over use it it will become less effective.

Thanks Asi,

I will definitely check out Jolly Deck.


Hi Bola

I'm with Tess on this one.  In the days before smart phones were truly smart I delivered bite sized learned by delivering PDFs to phones (we were a phone company, so everyone's phones could open a pdf, even then).  Does depend what you're trying to teach, though.  Another solution I've used is converting a powerpoint to elearning with added voice over, using Adobe Captivate.  It was really hard to find a solution that worked for all the different PC builds we had, but version 6 of Captivate did the job.  It will also let you include demos of software being used, so may be handy for what you're trying to.

Good luck


Thanks Chris,

That's really useful. I like the idea of designing to phone. We currently use Articulate which doesn't really work well on mobile. I do know that Articulate have recently created Articulate 360 which has a product great for designing responsive elearning, but i don't like the idea of using a different add on product to create mobile able learning. 

Hi Bola,

The problem with the 'old' software packages is that they are mostly flash focused and hence don't really play well with mobile.

Have a look at Adapt learning: it is pure HTML (hence any screen size friendly) and ... free! (Open source).

Good luck!


Thanks Asi, i do know about Adapt and think it's great. I just have not been able to install it. There is an event on the 31st of January which i have booked to attend. I hope to learn more about it.



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