Hi Everyone,


The organisation I work for has bravely agreed to move the training into the 21st Century.


Here is the topic

We develop and sell a piece of knowledge management software to the construction industry.  This software comprises of a CRM, Document management system and some other modules specific to the construction industry. See www.unionsquaresoftware.com if you want more info.


Here is the vision

  • Cover the fundamentals of the software for new users by eLearning distributed through an LMS.
  • Cover the essentials of the Document Management System through 'on demand' videos thereby giving people access to short training and reference material.  These will be recorded with Camtasia 7 and uploaded to YouTube for ease of access.
  • Produce a guided course, absed on the videos, to be housed in the LMS.
  • Produce a short "guided path" guide for users who will not have access to the LMS.
  • Produce and distribute a "Go Live" readiness assessment so clients can be assured that the people in their organisation that will be using the software are at a particular level.  This will include both fundamentals and DMS.
  • Use an internally developed tool that allows all users of the software to be able to 'instant message' a Training Consultant who will be able to assist with either answering questions, direct them to the correct video or conduct a short remote training session through Adobe Connect. 
  • Any short remote training sessions details can be broadcast to the entire user base thereby giving others the chance to attend (up to our 100 seat maximum).
  • Use site visits and floor walking at point of Go Live to assist the local Champion Users in helping to get the users started with the software.
  • Conduct regualr monthly webinars to cover key topics and those suggested by clients.


Our fundamentals (navigation, creating records, searching, etc) is currently covered by eLearning and we have had a lot of success with this.  We also have been running webinar for the past year and a half with good success and uptake.


What I need help with

I am relatively new to the production of instructional videos - I must admit to having learnt a lot from delivering webinars, but I am sure there is a lot of things I can improve upon.  I also have a lot of knowledge with regard to audio and have made sure we have a good setup to ensure good clear vocal quality.


Does any one have a "Tips and Tricks" list they would care to share with me.  Or indeed any experiences they may have that I could learn from.


The company would like to extend the production of these videos to other staff who do not have any previous training experience and I will need to guide them to produce good videos - this is one of the key things I need help with as although I can 'do' I am not sure that I have enough time or ability to get a good set of key messages across to them.


Many thanks in advance for your help.



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Happy to kick off the discussion .......

My tip would be to keep all the videos to short demonstrations of one key aspect of the system - here's the point - the shorter the intervention the less critical the issue of quality. It'll just be a short simulation after all, and what people are looking for at that point is a quick "show me and let me get on with it!"

Perhaps visit Onlignment, Practical Guides.

And Kineo eLearning tips (number 22)

Thanks for the replies -


Steve - I'd forgotten about Onlignment!


Alan - Great point about "show me and let me get on with it!" and quality.


Looking forward to getting this going, and I'll let you know the outcomes!



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