Hi. Can anyone recommend a good LCMS? We want to move to a more collaborate authoring environment and start re-using some of our course assets. Translation is also becoming important. We already have a LMS (Halogen), so it's just about content creation and asset management. Thanks!

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We are ILIAS Premium Partner. ILIAS is an open source LCMS. It have there own Authoring SCORM modules developing tool in it.

As for translation there is a good feature in it. ILIAS is available in 22 languages.


Hope we can help you.

Joke van Cappelle

Future Learning BV (in the Netherlands)

Thank you for your reply Joke.

Hi Chris,

We've deployed the exact LCMS across our L&D and have seen a fundamental shift in the way we create and maintain content. It has proved so good that we are now asking suppliers who want to create content for us to use the solution.

I'll be happy to share more but the scenarios sound very similar - we're using it to jointly create content and to then deliver SCORM packages to our own (and partner's) LMS.

My only regret is the time it took us to do it. 

Drop me a line if you'd like more info,

Asi DeGani

Telefonica UK

Thanks for your reply Asi. It sounds like an interesting solution. Let me give it some thought and do a little more research this end. I appreciate your time.






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