I believe Adobe Captivate 4 will let you create content that can be delivered onto a Blackberry or other hand held. We use Captivate 3 but the upgrade is not very expensive but I wondered if anyone had used this before taking it any further. Obviously with the size of the screen on the Blackberry I'm not sure whether it is going to be very effective.

The content I am talking about would be IT Training content, ie in Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc.

Many thanks

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I'm also pondering an upgrade and with many 100s of Blackberries in use within the organisation, I'd also be interested in seeing if this would work.

Captivate 4 does offer a new feature: AVI output

Output AVI files that can be streamed on the web, published to sites like YouTube™, viewed on AVI-capable devices, burned to DVDs, or edited in Adobe Premiere® Pro software. Even control output file size.

But I see from various web forums that some people are having problems playing back AVI files on their Blackberries, especially those of a large file size. Most people seem to end up having to use either another conversion program to convert the AVI file to another more Blackberry-friendly type.

So this is definitely something that needs to be tested in a corporate environment.
That's really useful and if anyone does have a solution it would be good to find out.

Many thanks
I am waiting on an upgrade to Captivate 4 so can't give much advice. I've had fun and games adapting content for mobile devices recently. One thing I will say (and I am sure you are aware of this) I'd be very cautious in trying to deliver too much content on a mobile/blackberry. There may also be something out there already you could use, have you heard of a company called Tribal CTAD? They may be able to assist.


I didn't see the reply from Tim before sending my previous reply.

You should be able to get flash player for blackberries I think or flash player lite.

How did you get on with the desktop training for the BlackBerry? Karen Kimberling, BP Digital Skills
The question all must be wanting to ask is ...'Why would anyone want to do Word, Excel or Power Point training via a mobile phone'? Do you envisage people craddling their phone next to their PC to view tutorial?



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