At the opening keynote when Tony told us about our progress from agrarian age to age of information, knowledge and now intelligence I was asking myself what after the age of intelligence.

After listening to Jay’s observations about the Maoris it struck me that perhaps after the age of intelligence it will be the ‘age of wisdom’.

And what after the age of wisdom?

I am reminded of a line from Indian scriptures where man’s evolution (not in the Darwinian sense but more like Maslow’s need hierarchy) is described as - ‘anna, prana, manas vijnana, anand’ i.e. ‘material, man, mind, intelligence, tranquility of spirit’.

George exhorted us to redefine a new vision for L&D. Could contributing to humanity’s transformation from age of intelligence, to age of wisdom, to tranquility of spirit be the new vision for L&D?

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Not something I would trust most corporate L&D departments with!
Yup, it was just my romantic notion probably!

Although in the recent years our company has developed online courses on issues like sustainable development and corporate social responsibility for large corporates. So maybe L&D departments adopting a vision for ‘age of wisdom’ does remain a possibility!

The following may be worth a re-read for L&D chaps:

- ‘The Dragon Slayer Curriculum’ - a parable:

- An extract from J. Abner Peddiwell’s book, ‘The Saber-tooth Curriculum’:



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