One of the issues that has become clearer, firstly at the conference, and subsequently through these discussions, is that most of us already accept that "learning technologies" can generate real business/ public value. Our big challenge is "how can we convert the unconverted"?
Anyone got any ideas?

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We have a number of tactics in Lloyds TSB (now Lloyds Banking Group) e.g..

1 - when divisions or business units have any kind of staff development event or there cross business ones like the Women's Network, we have a stall with computers to display what we do and talk about it

2 - occasionally when we have a high-prestige site or course to launch we get a link for a day on the corporate intranet home page. This is only granted in special cases

3 - we do work other than creating elearning - build sites, including dbase-driven sites, advise on learning generally, enable hosting outside the corporate firewall (for example for the internal job market, allowing people to view it at home) - and report on how much this would have cost the business unit to get it either from Group IT or outside companies
Alan - I know I am entering the debate late. But to perhaps state the obvious, the best way I know to convert people to the real business/public value is for LT professional to state the value of every project they are working on. If they cannot do this. This raises another issue. Learning people need to be able to engage with the business and quantify performance gaps with their clients and how their LT solutions will deliver. Once they can do this the problem of "coverting" people disapears. Nigel
This is certainly turning into an interesting debate. Synthesising these points it seems to come down to developing an engagement strategy at multiple levels - sponsors and learners.

And the strategy needs to involve both an inputs and an outputs message; the inputs message is all about "look at what we can do" and the outputs message is all about "look at what we can get out of it - especially value".

I find the value message ("look at the value we can generate") far more compelling than the holy grail ROI message ("look at what we achieved!") - especially in relation to the unconverted.

Lots of great ideas - who can help us further?



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