The business has requested that ILT is delivered for a project I am working on, because the system is complex and business critical. They are putting forward expert users to deliver the training locally, so to a certain extent the costs will be "hidden".   I'd like to work out the figures for cost of development and delivery of ILT vs elearning, to help make decisions and to ensure that the business understand the cost to them if we go down the ILT route.

Does anyone have costs and/or ROI for ILT training delivery, particularly using end users to deliver?

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Hi Kate,


You may find it useful to take a look at a previous discussion on here which can be found at:


Whilst the discussions focus on the 'how long' rather than 'how much' you'll still be ablt to make some really good comparisons.


You may also want to take a good look at the which Bob Melville references which gives lots of useful facts and figures.


Hope this gets you started.



Hi Kate,  These two articles do a good job of outlying the costs of both modalities. 




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