I'm part of a group of ten Dutch people that are thinking about creating a open learning platform for Dutch businesses and eductional institutions. At the moment we are describing a vision. We want to create a platform where people can share e-learning content. Discuss about it, etc.

Does anyone has tips? stories to tell?

For more info (in Dutch) see the link below: 




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Hi Ayako,

Sorry for my late reaction, I didn't receive an e-mail of your reply.

The platform we want to create should offer actual elearning courses.

We are know thinking about creating a copy of www.iktel.nl and add an e-learning as an example. 

We are also talking to Avetica (www.avetica.nl) if they want to host a free Moodle environment.

We also have plans to talk to Wikimedia about creating an open learning platform.

We didn't decided about the language, but I think we should create a multilingual platform just like Wikipedia.

Can you tell me something about your interests?



Hi Tim & Ayako

I'm also working on something similar. My organistaion is aiming to replace our current Learning Management System (which is good, but rather old fashioned) with a much more modern platform. We want it to cater for collaborative learning opportunities, communities/networks, course content feedback & recommendations, discussion forums etc, as well as the traditional booking/admin/reporting functions & classroom & e-learning courses too.

It's all a bit new to me so I'm trying to find out what kind of things other people are doing, and hopefully get some insight & inspiration. The more I look into this, the more I have realised that we can't develop a bespoke in-house platform from scratch (due to time constraints), we can't find a single product/application that will do everything we need it to do. 

So, we're essentially looking at bolting together lots of specialised applications such as Moodle, an LMS of some sort, a social network aspect, all based around a webpage  'core' perhaps.


It sounds like we're all interested in the area, so it would be great to share ideas etc. Are you guys at the start of your projects or are you furthre along? I'm still trying to gather the tech requirements so am still in Initialisation.


kind regards






Hi Chris,

To share ideas sounds good. Yesterday I spoke the someone from Avetica (Moodle specialist). They are willing to provide a pilot enviroment. The plan is to add two or three e-learnings on this enviroment and then we are going to talk with Wikimedia Netherlands (the organisation behind Wikipedia).

Please keep me up to date about your plans.



Hi Tim & Ayako,

wow; it's been a while since our last update. 

We've amended our plans slightly; we are now going to use Google Apps (an organisational decision) for our email and intranet system, so we're not going to go against this. By using Google Apps as our 'core', we've got the collaborative aspect of our desired Learning Platform (the project is called 'LNI' - Learning Network Infrastructure). So, our LNI will be made up of 4 parts: Collaborative functionality (Google), E-learning (probably Moodle, but maybe Totara), event admin and taught course booking etc (basically an LMS - either developed in house, or an external product), and finally learner activity reporting functionality (Google analytics, combined with the analytic aspects of the moodle, LMS etc).

Our main driver is to remove the budgetary overhead of our current LMS (Kallidus) which requires a per user licence fee, which with 50K users is costing us a fortune. That why we want to develop the LMS aspect in house. Have you guys done anything like this before? Google is being paid for by the organisation, Moodle is open source, so we're just about there with our plan. How are you guys getting on?

Oh, I went to the Learning Technologies exhibition in January and saw a product called FUSE by Fusion Universal - this looks like it would do pretty much everything that we need from our LNI, apart from the LMS functionality (which I am told is on it's way in April/May). Only problem is that they have a whopping licence fee... the first quote was £60/user/year...which is £3million a year...I almost fell off my seat! final quote was £10/user/year, which is still half a million a year.... other than this, FUSE looks pretty good. 

Hi Chris,

A quick question - have you considered going with an LRS (Learning Resource Store) instead of an LMS? LRSs enable the new TinCan standard that is much more flexible than existing standards as far as recording learning experiences goes.

There's an open source LRS here:  http://learninglocker.net/

Good luck! it would be very interesting to hear about your adventure.




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