I'm looking to deliver some system training and it looks like the most practical way to deliver this would be through some form of online learning sollution such as Webex or similar.

This is something completely new to myself and my training team and I was looking for any hints or tips that people in the LSG community may be able to offer.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Hi Alex,

Are you looking for help from a design perspective e.g. How to design materials to be delivered via online methods. Or how to actually deliver the system training using an online channel?

We are just starting to look at this ourselves, there has been so much talk about moving to online delivery at the past LT conferences I'm sure there are more experienced online practioners who could help us both out.

Hi Alex,
Alongside formal, instructor-led delivery (Webex etc), you could also consider Jing and other similar tools. These allow you to capture narrated screenshots.

The beauty of Jing is that it's:
a) free
b) fantastically easy to use
c) limited to 5 minutes per movie

Using a tool like this, with a simple content management system, would allow you to quickly build up a knowledgebase of how-to movies.

Hi Mark,

Hope you are keeping well.

Is there any difference in your opinion between Ning and Screenr?

Hi Craig,

I've not used Screenr, but the main difference is that Screenr stores its movies only on the web. With Jing you get many more delivery options.

Some great information for me to look in to here, so thanks for that.

Mike - At this stage I am looking for hints / tips / suggestions for the design phase.

Any further info anyone could give to help with this would be massively appreciated.



At HSBC we use Webex across the board, and it is an excellent tool, particularly for systems training, as you have the option to show your desktop applications, and then give users control of your machine, allowing you to watch them apply the learning and provide guidance.

You can sign up for Live Webex Demos via their site, and can also sign up for a free trial, which will allow you to experiment.

For advice and guidance on online learning I follow Clive Shepherd (http://clive-shepherd.blogspot.com/) who's an industry legend. His blog goes back over a number of years, so you'll find loads of hints and tips, he's also a director at onlignment where you can download a free booklet on training online (http://onlignment.com/live-online-learning-a-facilitators-guide/)

Hope that helps.

Good luck
Hello Alex and Mike,

The place to start would be to identify your learning outcomes and then look at the needs of your trainees - are they going to want to work at the same pace as everyone else, are you going to have scheduled times for the webinars, how are they going to come back to the information later, are you going to run the webinar once, are several people going to run it - in which case how do you ensure consistency, how do you provide learners with the ability to test their understanding and practice?

There are many screen capture tools out there which enable you to build quite sophisticated training modules. It may be that a blended approach which uses webinar to introduce concepts and to summarise and problem solve at beginning and end, and some more structured simulation-style training in the middle that replicates the actual system would work well.

I'd suggest you try the Webex or Adobe Connect medium, but also look at products like Captivate, Camtasia, (and another part of the company I work for - Kaplan - also provides something called STT Trainer).

Hope this helps.

Hi Alex, and Karen

I am in exactly the same position, about to start authoring training content for systems training rollout. In the past I have delivered demo's, where I just share my desktop and walk them through it, supplying a word manual.
We have purchased STT Trainer (hence my interest in your comment Karen, that you work for them). It seems really good, although I am a very new user. I am very interested in replies re the structure/how to best deliever the blended learning, as I have no experience of this as yet. Thanks Andrew - I'll check the links out.
I am coming to the conference on 8th june and would be very interested to meet/hear others experiences,
thanks all,
Hi Alex - glad you're supporting a sister part of our business - I saw STT trainer at Learning Technologies, and was quite impressed by the range of options for exporting the learning that it offered. Kaplan is such a big company that it's hard to keep track of all we do.

I'm responsible for developing online courses for Kaplan Financial, leading to accountancy qualifications - one of the modules we need to develop over the next few months is for basic Sage accounts. We will probably go for something like Captivate, so that you can teach / show the learners how to do something, and then create further opportunities for them to try it out for themselves - and then to create an assessment which allows them to gauge how much they have learnt.

You could have an audio soundtrack to the teaching element, if voice is important to them for reassurance. It would possibly be good to have a webex session to do catch up problem solving at the end of each learning module. Very much dependent on how your audience is comfortable learning, but my recommendation would be for some solution which enables them to practice in something that looks like a live environment as much as they want until they feel confident.

Hi Alex,

I absolutely adore WebEx, it is so easy to use and a very clear delivery method. Make sure however that you have VOIP integrated as part of your package. Without this it can be very painful to use.

When VOIP is integrated (and video if available) you can almost forget your not in the same room as the delegates.

PS. I use captivate to create the content and WebEx to deliver.
Hi Alex

What type of systems will you be training on, and is it process training for a new system/upgrade, and to exisiting staff or new employees?
Hi Alex. Where are the people you're going to train? Oxfam GB use Elluminate, chosen for its robustness in poor-bandwidth locations.



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