I'm looking for concrete advice on how to alter one's design habits to suit the virtual realm.  I'd like to take a course eventually but can't right now.  Thanks.

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Hello Monica,

Take a look at some of the resources you can download free of charge from Onlignment's website. I recommend you begin with a look at the 60 minute masters http://onlignment.com/the-60-minute-masters/. Kind regards, Phil Green.

Hello Monica,

there is an interesting book by Karl Kapp and Tony O Driscol called Learning in 3D. Please see the link below where you also find Karl Kapp's blog.



I joined a session of them at the ASTD conference in Chicage 2010 and liked their story. It inspired me to think more about the psychology of the virtual world and so I created the linkedin group Avatar Psycology (see link below)


If you think it might be of help to you feel free to join.

Hope to read some updates from you about your journey. Good luck and best regards, Ger Driesen

The key thing here is not to focus entirely on the design aspect. You need to consider the skills set you'll need to support learning online. The worst online learning experiences are often those which are unsupported or poorly supported. There is a distinct methodology/skills set required to be effective at supporting learners online.


I'd suggest having a look at Salmon's book "E-Moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online" (2004) as a good place to start. On the design side Clark & Mayer's "E-Learning and the Science of Instruction" is a good basic text.

Hello Monica,

Also worth a look is the Resources section of the Kineo website (http://www.kineo.com/elearning-resources/elearning-resources-home.html).

Kind regards, Barbara Lister



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