I am increasingly amazed by the number of coaching models out there, particularly the acronym based ones such as GROW or CIGAR.  So I thought I would do a study on what coaching models are out there.  I currently have 20 models and would be keen for anyone to share their knowledge of any models that they know or have used.

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Hi Tim
That sounds an interesting study - would be great to see the outcome if you are happy to share it. I have only come across GROW; on the spot coaching - steps are 1. Seek to understand, 2, Focus on the potential of the other person, 3. Encourage action (i.e. make sure they take responsibility for action). Appreciative enquiry is another method - discovery, dream, design and deliver.

I am currently looking for someone to run some in-house coaching training for delegates that operate in a technical environment - do you know of any organisations in London or south England?

Clare Bury (clare.bury@airsafety.aero)

Hello Tim,

I'm very much inspired by the work of Prof Reuven Feuerstein. Onre of his concepts is the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) His idea is that a mediator can 'filter' stimuli towards a child and in that way help it to learn the best respons. He is specialized in approach of children and his work with children with Down Syndrome are amazing: but it's also very applicable in coaching adults in my opinion. The MLE concept is very well researched and documented and I like the idea of the criteria he developed to be an effective mediator-read coach. Essential is that the quality of the coaching is based on the quality of the interaction. There is a lot on the internet to be found and also lot's of books. I'm very interested in the results of your overview of models. Is this overview available anywere? Keep up the good work. Cheers, Ger

I have worked with COACH (TM): C - create rapport and trust, O - observe and assess behaviours and words, A - ask powerful questions, C - challenge and give feedback, H - hold them accountable, what are their actions and what support is needed... from http://www.allianceleadership.com/a/

Hi Tim, I am about to attend a 6 month accredited coaching programme and would be really interested in your results.

Anything I come across I will be happy to share.



HI Tim
Depends what you mean by coaching model: 
are you looking for processes that take you through 'how to coach' 
or do you mean 'what to coach', that is, the content for your coaching session?
The 'Effective Intelligence Thinking Works' does both. 
It provides content, and shapes how the coaching session can be organised through levels of depth. It enables the coach to manage progress through a series of coaching sessions, working between how the person naturally thinks and how to direct their thinking towards what is actually needed by the difficult situation they are facing now. There is a range of 12 such Tasks: among them making decisions, planning, innovating, finding cause, learning, selling and influencing.
The programme is structured so that the coaching progresses from learning about your own thinking to how to use it more effectively in your work.  It has built in flexibility, so that the coach can respond to the  experience of the people they are coaching, as well as their own immediate issues. The whole system has mobile and online support, so that both the coach, and person coached, can work with the tools, techniques and knowhow together.  
Effective Intelligence provides a universal language that connects the Person with the Task (s)he is facing up to.  Here, a Task means any situation difficult enough to demand your best thinking.  Half the difficulty of any Task is to find what thinking activities it needs:  the other half is to supply them in the right combination.  This matching is made easy by using the same coding for the thinking activities of the task as the profile of your thinking preferences.  The coding is a language for thought, based on your thinking-intentions, 
I hope this helps your investigations.
Good wishes Sue

Thanks everyone for this help.  The COACH one is interesting in that I already have a COACH model which looks like this

COACH (creative edge learning and development)

Challenges - what issues are you facing?

Options - what possibilities exist?

Actions - which of the options have most merit, greatest chance of success?

Choices - what consequences of these actions? what will you do?

Help - what support do you need, from who?, how will you secure this?

Will have to analyse a bit further to see which I like most.

Hi Tim

STEER is a pretty good one to use too. Spot, Tailor, Explain, Encourage, Review. This is a useful on the spot coaching opportunity with ongoing follow up.


Hi Tim,

Great question.   One of the models that I use is Peter Hawkins’s CLEAR model (Contract, Listen, Explore, Action, Review).  I like this because of the emphasis on contracting and the idea or reciprocal learning for the coach in using the review to evaluate and learn from client feedback on the coaching process. 


I also use a supervision model (3D Model) in my coaching, to manage the overall process.  I use it like a lens to focus on different needs the client, as a human being, has.  I attach a link to a paper I wrote on this for a workshop for the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis http://www.dtaweb.co.uk/3D%20in%20Coaching%20and%20Mentoring.pdf

Great paper Bill, thanks for sharing!

Hi Bill,

Taken me a while to respond.  Yes I have the CLEAR model, I believe it originates from Peter Hawkins at the Bath Consultancy.


There are so many models out there.  There is also a lot of data and data sources!!

This is the technology we use to help our managers coach and saves them HOURS of data collection and records all their observations in one place.


Some interesting threads here.  Thanks for sharing, I now have over 70 coaching models (acronym based). I particularly like SPARKLE from the toolfulcoach, only because of the acronym, not necessarily the model!!

Positioning (yourself)
Key Obstacles

I am thinking of running a group on here that looks at different models and discusses their crediblity.  would you be up for joining this?



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