Hello everyone,

I'm new on to the group pages, so just thought I would open up some conversation. We are on a mission to save the world from boring e-learning and so I wondered what everyone thought of e-learning.  Do you finding it boring? Do you find it tough to engage with? Is it designed from the learner's point of view?

In short - do you think we all need to be saved from boring e-learning?

Answers on a post card for a potentially controversial opening topic...

Learning Heroes.

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Hi Tom,

I expect that's a rhetorical question :)

Yes e-Learning sucks, but I'd also guess that your answer is more interactive, more snazzy looking e-Learning.

I'd suggest that most learning requirements are performance requirements, and that there is no scenario in which e-Learning is the answer unless it's a tick-box exercise for legal.

What do you think?


I guess it is a bit of rhetorical question :)

Thanks for replying though - good to get a response.

I think e-learning has a place, but that it's got to be for the right reasons - tick box exercise is never one of those.  It's definitely right to think about the business need, after which e-learning could be the right solution.  Sometimes e-learning is a great way to offer something bitesize, as a refresher or even as a way of learning on the go.  So for me, it's not just tick-box, but much more besides.



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