I am an L&D Consultant for a Welfare to Work company (approx 1600 staff), and we will be launching our e-learning system in the next few weeks. As this is a completely new role for me, I was wondering if there is anyone who has a role in a similar-sized organisation who would be prepared to talk to me a bit about the pitfalls and best practice around the launch and first few months of the implementation of a project like this. I would be very interested to know how other organisations have approached this, particularly when there has not been unlimited resources (either financially or in terms of staffing)!


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One of the biggest problems we had was that we moved face to face out and replaced it with pure e-learn. This was a big a leap and so I would suggest that if you use face to face training then continue with it but replace perhaps half the normal face to face with e-learn and also run training on how to get most our of e-learning. We are now running a moodle based system and are now making good progress

Hi Susan,

I have worked for e-Learning companies for the last 20 years, until recently was the Consulting and Technical Services Director at SkillSoft, managing the Consultants and technical staff whose role is to work with clients to help make e-learning a success. I have moved away from pure e-learning and work with Performance Support now so do not have an e-learning content agenda.

If you would like to talk through what you are doing and what you might like to think about, give me a call.


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