I'm currently researching content repositories to store our e-learning lesson content. This is a mixture of bespoke content and Storyline files. I'm looking for some inspiration if anyone would like to share.

We need an environment that will allow us to check content in and out with some sort of version history. Any thoughts/ideas?

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Hi Kate,

When you say "bespoke content", do you mean the normal mix of HTML, javascript, css and image files?

For these, I would manage them using a version control system such as git or cvs. My recommendation would be git, as it allows you to track the actual changes made within the files (note: only text files, images and videos are treated as a single 'blob')

Git it used by most companies and people doing coding, and is even used in government to manage the text content of web pages. Even though it's quite technical, it doesn't require a computer science degree.

The .story files, because they are packages containing all the Storyline content might not be able to be treated in the same way as normal web files. I don't have Storyline to test, but my guess is that they'll be treated as single blobs, like images. So, even though you could revert back to a previous version, you won't be able to see what the changes were.

You might find these two forum discussions useful. They don't give any answers to the question, but they do indicate that Storyline is difficult to work with in a shared, multi-developer environment...



All the best,


Thanks Mark. Yes the bespoke content built using HTML, Javascript, etc. I'll definitely have a look at git. This is really useful, thank you. 



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