Hi -  I am embarking on developing some elearning for aviation regulation. Small audience but widespread. Does anyone know of an organisation that produces good  cost effective elearning using rapid authoring tools? Would be good to hear from you.

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Hi Clare,

There's a wide range of different authoring tools on the market now, including (but not limited to!):







Lumonisty Studio

You'll find that people have varying opinions on which works best for them (my personal recommendation would be Captivate).  I would suggest perhaps having a look at some of these and seeing what fits best for your organisation.  If you need any more advice or input feel free to get in touch.  

Thank you Nick. I am also looking for a good company to work with who can develop the packages for me - do you have any recommendations?


You could look at http://www.mylearningworx.co/our-services/

They have team of independent creators who would be able to help.

A lot of them make use of rapid tools including Articulate Storyline

Thanks Bob - I will check out your website.


Hi Clare,

It would be great to have a chat to discuss your requirements. I work for Articulate's Partner in the UK, Omniplex where we offer specialist Articulate content development services and Rapid eLearning authoring tools (Articulate Storyline 2/Articulate Studio 13).

We work with many industries, including the aviation industry. I would be happy to run through a demo of examples of our work and how Articulate can help you. Please get in touch.

Ciara McCullough

Thanks Ciara. Having looked into this a bit more, I think I will need to work with an organisation who can design and produce the elearning as I don't think I shall have the resources to do this internally.

Hi Clare

We are a small elearning development company, based in Nottingham, but we work with organisations around the globe. We have used all the industry standard elearning tools including gomolearning, Storyline and Captivate. We have inhouse ID, design and development capabilities. We also have experience in the aerospace sector. Happy to discuss your requirements and demo some of our work.



HI Louise

Do you have a website I can review. Could you also provide some info or demo of the work you have completed in aviation

Hello Clare,

We, Future Learning BV, are open source LCMS ILIAS Premium Partner, and we also develop in ILIAS and other Authoring tools like Storyline and Captivate interactive modules. Please look at the site: http://futurelearning.nl/

Hope to meet you.

Joke van Cappelle

Future Learning bv

Dear Clare

Another interesting tool to look at is Nimbus from Learning Nexus. It is a collaborative online authoring tool with built in workflow. This allows multiple authors and reviewers to build a course and review at the same time. www.learningnexus.co.uk.

Good luck.

Hi Clare, 

I'm sure someone here at Brightwave would be happy to speak to you about your project. Even if it turns out that we're not the ideal fit for what you're planning, you might find it helpful to talk through your requirements with one of our experts.

Feel free to drop me a message, or check out our website: http://www.brightwave.co.uk/home/index.html

Good luck with the project!

Rob K

Hi Clare,

There are many elearning tools and consultancies out there - it's very difficult to choose! As Nick quite rightly says, it all depends on what you're looking to do and what best fits your organisation. I've sent you an email with a bit more info on Mohive, CrossKnowledge's e-learning authoring tool. We have a methodology for building cost-controlled e-learning content in two languages in only 7 days of work. Maybe worth having a look? We have a network of partners who use it to author content for other organisations.

Here's a video of our methodology being presented at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum:


Hope this helps!



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