Hi all


Some of our users in France, Spain and Italy would like to access basic english training via our corporate LMS.


Does anyone know of a company/supplier that offers basic, medium, and advanced English training in an e-Learning format (SCORM/AICC) that we could license and host on our learning system?

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Hi Ian,

My company has signed a 3 year contract with EF corporate to use their language solution "Englishtown" for delegates across 16 European countries. We dont give users the ability to do face to face classes as standard its all done via web or phone. The feedback has been good. For yourselves I am not sure whether the solution will interact with an LMS. For the moment we have kept it seperate Below is their website:


Hope this helps

Xerox Ltd
Hi Iain,
I would recommend that you speak to Global English (http://www.globalenglish.com/m/). Lots of experience and excellent products. Give Julian Wragg a call on 07831 245740 and mention my name. I'm sure they'll be able to help and from my experience they are one of the best (if not the best) in the business of teaching English to global teams.

Hi Iain,
Not sure about SCORM compliance, but this company seems to be very widely used, unfortunately my budget this year would not allow me to try them out, but have a look, the company is also known as Digital Publishing. Sony & many other large corporates use them.

Hi Iain,
We are actually looking into this ourselves and have found two suppliers:
'digital publishing' http://www.clt-net.co.uk/
'rosetta stone' http://www.rosettastone.co.uk/

Of the two, digital publishing came top as they have more blended learning options and use web 2.0 technology.
And yes, they are both SCORM compliant!
Let me know if you need any further information.
Kind regards
Anne Marie
Hi Ian --

We (www.talkshop.cc) offer online English language training (basic, intermediate, advanced). Currently, we use skype, email, sms and open source community platforms. Our customised collaborative learning platform will be launched beginning June. We are a team of English and German native speakers with Spanish and French as second languages. Maybe I should add here that our teaching approach is based on social and collaborative learning in communities of practice. We make our students learn in context, peer exchange plays an important role... If you are interested to learn more, could you please send me more details to cm@christinamerl.com? Thanks! Christina

We also use Englishtown for one of our clients and it is an outstanding solution. The solution runs on their servers accessed through a web browser (with a few plugins such as Centra for the online classrooms). If you are looking at tracking each individual activity through your LMS using SCORM you would have to speak to them. Given the amount of content that they own, storing it on your servers might be impractical. We use the LMS as an interface to Englishtown and that seems to work well as the learning activities are launched within Englishtown. They also offer unlimited virtual classrooms 24x7 365 days a year, which makes it a very flexible offering.

My contacts there are Guy.Winter@ef.com 020 7341 8786 and Jesper.Knutell@ef.com
I would whole heartedly support Nigel Howarth's recommendation of GlobalEnglish - I've also had lots of experience with them and they have delivered excellent results for our international/global teams.

Best Regards

Brenda Pugh
Hello there,
We do give online classes to all levels, though so far we have been using web2.0 tools available to all such as (elluminate, Google docs, Dim Dim, etherpad etc.). Our students have had great success in learning this way.
We can talk about it and might be able to develop a course focused on your needs.
Lets talk and see if we can find a way to work together.

Hope to hear from you soon.
BIG Languages Institute
Thanks for all your recommendations everyone, I'm following up with GlobalEnglish and EF.Com

Have a great Easter everyone.
Hi Iain

I would recommend Communicaid (www.communicaid.com) as one of the leading language providers and they use a range of intervention styles which could achieve your objectives.

Good luck.

Gemma Todd, Ch. FCIPD
Professional Skills Manager
EDF Energy Networks
I work for Eli Lilly and Company (large pharmaceutical) and an Italian colleague has recently done a project on behalf of Europe to choose an on-line English language training provider. The company we have chosen is Go Fluent

We have just switched from EnglishTown

Hope this helps



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