I'm examining what's happening this year, and I'd like to hear from anyone who thinks they'll have to support a SAP roll-out (or who is already doing so!) If that's you, then please either reply to this discussion, or mail me through the site.



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Hi Don,

My organisation is rolling out a new version of SAP in June of this year.

We have used SAP for a number of years, but departmental-specific 'tweaks' have led to a disparate system, resulting in this latest version being implemented.

My concern from an L&D perspective is that SAP alone does not provide many (if not most) of the Web 2.0 collaborative tools that I am trying to implement within my organisation.

I am considering a Moodle/SAP integration in order to make best use of the business-wide applications within SAP (that and the fact that I have no choice!!!) but to also make use of the collaborative learning tolls with Moodle along with Moodles intuitive, friendly, engaging GUI.

My biggest fear is that the 'corporate line' will be that we are are only able to use SAP, preventing me from enhancing our learning activities via Web 2.0 tools and putting 'another' barrier in my learners way; that barrier being the cumbersome SAP GUI.

If anybody has any thoughts/suggestions as to how I might be able to strengthen my position with this proposed Moodle/SAP integration then I would be very keen to hear from you.


Hi - This is an old post so maybe no longer relevant.

However - please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this in detail. Learners should not have to use SAP GUI. (chris.mclellan@sap.com) and if that is what you are being told then something has gone awry!

SAP first introduced a web based interface within our LMS in 2001 complete with online collaboration spaces for informal learning and have been developing this area ever since.

Our current learning platform is bundled with Adobe Connect for live and recorded virtual classrooms sessions and some of our more forward thinking learning customers are experimenting with providing RSS syndication of employee and learning data from SAP into social collaboration platforms such as Jive and Atlassian or vice versa. Internally at SAP we use many WEB 2.0 tools for learning within our LMS.

In short there are many options!
We are currently implementing SAP Enterprise Learning Solution (LSO).

I have been heavily involved in the content side of the project, importing it into the repository and creating courses for the content to sit in.

I would be happy to discuss this with you if it would help.

Hi - we are planning a major reimplementation of SAP across our entire organisation this year on the HR, Purchasing & Finance modules along with implementing MSS/ESS at the same time.... one of the current critical needs from the project manager is to have a LMS which integrates with SAP to enable on-line assessments to fire off end user accounts for approx 10,000 end users over a 4-6 week period. I have heard that integrating LMS's is not straight forward with SAP - so does anyone have any experience of a platform that can do this relatively painlessly? Any thoughts or advice most appreciated!

Kind regards


SAP has its own LMS embedded within the HR suite you are reimplementing. Its definitely worth looking at as you obviously already have SAP HR.

I'd be happy to discsus further.




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