we have been using TurningPoint voting pods for some time and allowing students to vote durign sessions has been really beneficial in engaging students. however we now want to explore letting students vote using their mobiles via texting and i am wondering whether anybody has done this before, can recommend the website they used and tell me a bit about how it went.

thank you


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PollEveryWhere is free for up to 30 (poss 40 in HE) students, and easy to use.


Hi Amina, I've nothing to report on at the moment but next month we're going to be testing a bespoke classroom response system with 500 students. We'll offer the option to respond via SMS or via wireless, so students can use phones or laptops, tablets etc. The lecturer is familiar with TurningPoint but keen to try a mobile system as there is potential to provide more personalised feedback. I'll let you know how it goes.


Hi Mark

I would be very interested to hear how that goes. When you say a bespoke system does that mean one you have build in-house?

Many thanks



Hi Amina,

Apologies for the delayed reply - I thought I'd already followed the discussion :(

Yes the system has been developed by a member of our academic staff and I'm involved in an initial exploratory research study. If you're interested we could look into the feasibility of setting you up so that you could try it out. All you would need is a server to host the website and room full of people with mobiles or wireless devices, and perhaps a willing lecturer.

I've attached a file which shows briefly how things work from a student perspective.





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