Hope someone on here can assist, we have a learning platform (Moodle) on which we have currently got our courses loaded in Moodle Format, not currently in SCORM.  

A client has asked us to provide the content in a SCORM Format, but we do not wish to hand over our content, we wish to keep it on our system, we have been told that it is possible to use a SCORM connector to allow a through like to the content.

Has anyone here got experience of this, or think they can help.



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Moddle offers help and training - see link below - also try googling SCORM - lots of help out there.


Kind regards


Thanks Jacquie,

Not quite what we are stuck with, but thanks.


Hi Clark,

I've not heard of such a connector and I can't see how it would work. Who told you about it? You can't export items from Moodle into SCORM format, but the following course components:-

IMS LTI activity (external tool)
Page resource
Quiz (partial support)
URL resource

can be exported to IMS Common Cartridge 1.1


Hi Rich,

Thanks for coming back to me on this, we where told about this by CrossKnowledge, but i suspect this is something that exists only for their own LMS. 

Our material can be exported to SCORM from Captivate, but the issue is the Client wants  to have it on their own LMS, and we do not want to hand it over.

Any ideas of a work around?


The LTI Provider plugin might be an answer:-



This would allow your client to link in to your Moodle installation in the same way that Moodle can link out using the "External tool" options.


Thanks Rich,

I'll have a look into this.  Thanks again for your help..


Hi Clark,

There are two ways of doing what you are after:

1. Lock the materials you provide (i.e. using flash or some other proprietary technology) this means that learners can get access to the materials but not actually the assets / components used to build them. This is a very common way used today.

If you are using HTML5 or something that cannot be locked go for option 2:

2. This actually goes against the SCORM guidelines but has been made to work by a few companies out there: you can create a SCORM package with a single HTML page which then calls on the rest of the content remotely (from your servers for example). The problem here is that it is a little tricky and you need to make sure that the learners are connected.

3. A more friendly twist on #2 will be to use some sort of content repository (you can buy one or get an open source one) and offer the client to integrate into it.

One of the main selling point that I can see for the model you are offering is that the content can be updated continually without requiring a new upload every time.

I can point you in the direction of a few consultants that can help if you drop me a line.

Good luck,


Hi Asi,

We've now converted our content to SCORM 2004.  I have supplied the content to the client, but i've been looking more into my original query, I discovered that SCORM Cloud offers this service, they call it a Dispatch. Basically a skeleton SCORM Package, that points to the content on SCORM Clouds website, this works, but its really expensive, so not a viable option.

I'm guessing that this is basically what you said in point three, do you know of any opensource options for this?




I'm not sure there's an open source solution that does it (as this is a very commercial need) but I'm not sure 'it' is very complex - once you know where the content is hosted you can write a script that alters the manifest to call on certain resources from a different server.

So essentially once you have finished building the content you run it through a script that creates this linked manifest and zips it up as if it was a 'full' course.

This would allow you to create unique identifiers per client (maybe even include / call on client specific content or skin elements).

I would look for someone with enough SCORM packaging knowledge to be able to write this script for you - it will probably be the most economically viable solution.

I hope this helps,


Hi Asi,

Thank you for your help.





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