You might be interested in this workshop being run by David Gurteen. It's not technolgy in the hard sense, but in the soft sense of a structure that you can use to refine ideas and use the knowledge and experience of a group of people, and it is clearly about social learning.  I attended one earlier this year and you can read my review.


Workshop: Implementing Knowledge Cafes for Business Purpose


This Workshop is run by David Gurteen of Gurteen Knowledge.

David is a pioneer in the use of Knowledge Cafes and other conversational tools in business
and has been running Knowledge Cafes and teaching people how to run them all over the word
for the last 8 years.

This Knowledge Cafe workshop is designed to help you:

+ Understand the role and importance of conversation in business
+ Design and run Gurteen Knowledge Cafés and other forms of Cafe
+ Solve specific business problems and challenges using Knowledge Cafes
+ Use other conversational tools and techniques to address business issues

Location: Royal Society of Arts, London
Date: Tuesday 13 September 2011
Full Price: £495 + VAT; Public Sector Price: £395 + VAT
If you are, for example, a student or a Charity and genuinely cannot afford the price then
call David Gurteen on 07774 178 650 and he will see what he can do for you.

For more information & register for the workshop see here:

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