Help please! Send in photos for the next LSG Webinar...

In the next LSG webinar, taking place this Thursday 15th October, Brightwave Group's Director of Operations Fiona Nunn will discuss how delivering custom learning projects in close collaboration with L&D teams can work at global scales.

In this lively session, Fiona will use a mixture of theory, case-studies and live interactive demonstrations to show you how to hack your own working practices to deliver large-scale learning projects that add real value to your organisation.

Get involved - right where you are sitting now!

To demonstrate rapid course development agility in real time, we are going to build a custom learning course, live, during the webinar. Can you help?

We need pictures to illustrate our brand new custom course with! Simply take a photo of your immediate surroundings – it could be your office, sitting room, the view from your window, or the street you're on right now. Send it to with the subject line 'Custom Webinar' or Tweet it @BrightTweet.

A selection of the best, funniest or strangest images are to be be displayed during the session, and webinar attendees will be asked to vote on which image they would like to see in our custom-built course!

See here for more info.

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