How - and what - are people choosing to learn during Covid-19? Stephen Humphreys, Good Habitz

With lock down in place in the world’s leading economies, people are increasingly working from home. But are they also learning at home? Is that possible, when home life isn’t always easy at present? And if people are learning at home, what are they focused on?

Join Stephen Humphreys in this webinar as he explores what the data tells us. His company, GoodHabitz provides online training focused on personal development and soft skills, and the anonymised data of the behaviour of over 1,200 clients across Europe shows that people are learning – although they may not be focused on what you’d expect.


The short answer is that yes, people are absolutely choosing to learn. GoodHabitz has seen a 400% increase in platform use in the past four weeks, with a record number of new course starts. What are they learning, when and why? Join Stephen to find out, as he explores: 

  • The three types of courses people are signing up for
  • The drivers behind the increase in learning
  • Stickability – are people finishing courses?
  • When are people learning, and where?
  • What this tells us about online learning

Click for the recording of this webinar

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