How do you find the story in the data, Krystyna Gadd, How to Accelerate Learning

Would you love to be able to collect data and do this ‘learning analytics’ stuff people are talking about? Struggle to know where to start? Worried that once you start you will drown in a sea of data that you won’t know how to use? In this webinar we will be exploring how to find the story in the data to enable you to not only identify the needs of your organisation but deliver on the expectations of your stakeholders. You will begin to see how you can provide a clear link between your solutions and the performance improvements that are required.


You will go away from this webinar feeling more confident in your approach to learning analytics by:

- Being clear about when you should collect qualitative or quantitative data and what the difference is!

- For a given example, select some appropriate methods for collecting useful data that will inform decisions and drive actions to improve performance

- Find the story in some data without even doing any maths

Click for the recording of this webinar

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat (needs Chrome, or other non-IE browser).

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