Please forgive me if this should have been a blog, not a discussion - I'm new to this! We are in process of implementing an HR system. L&D is next phase. I was hoping to visit some clients who use this system, to see how it works, what information it captures etc. Alas, this hasnt happened as yet. Can any one give me a short message on how they use this system, what management information they get from it and why they can't live without it??
This would be helpful?

Many thanks

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Hi Monica

No worries about where you post something - just put it where you think you'll get some reaction!

You say that you're in the process of implementing an HR system, and want to visit clients who are using the system, but you don't mention what the system is. If you would like to let us know the name of the system, there's more likelihood that you'll find another user in the group who will be happy to share their experiences with you. If you would rather not do that for any reason, feel free to contact me directly (send me an e-mail at and I'll see if I can help in any way.

Also, have you asked your vendor to put you in touch with their current users?

Hi Monica, we have been using a Docent Learning Management System for about the last 4 years and are preparing to replace the LMS to rollout a new one in 2010. We use it for instructor led training, eLearning and to record informal learning such as coaching, reading, podcasts etc. We customised Docent heavily partly because we used it for back office course admin for a year before rolling it out as a self service application.

Happy to have a chat if you want to drop me a line.

Kind regards

Thanks James. We have purchased Northgate and the L&D module has been pushed back until June. This will give me time to go and visit one of their clients and see it in operation. It looks like we will follow a similar path - use if for admin initially and then explore other opportunities further down the line.
You obviously have pretty good links with your suppliers, but if anyone here at Learning Technologies can be of any assistance in reaching vendors, please do let me know.
I have the "pleasure" of owning our Northgate HR System as well as our LMS and will be happy to share experiences of both. We do not use the Northgate learning tools and have a real LMS instead. ;)

Which Northgate system do you have? We have Resourcelink.


Hi Andy
My colleagues refer to it as "the new HR system". I have notes headed Northgare Arinso? The big talk is of "self service" re booking course, L&D Admin, record keeping etc, We have also just invested in Sharepoint, and I have an L&D site with course info, calendar etc. We are a small firm have only had an L&D presence (ie me) for 2 years. I'd like to get some good processes in place. All very manual and laboriuos at the moment. What is your real LMS?



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