Hi,  i am looking for any freely available yet detailed reports comparing HTML5 authoring tools. Do you know of any?



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Not a report as such but I like the reviews that Kineo publish on this blog http://www.kineo.com/blog/authoring-tools/ 
No I don't work for them :-)

Thanks Kevin, ill have a look

Thanks Mike

Hi Peter


When I searched I couldn't find any shortcuts. You may have to create your own comparison spreadsheet based on specific needs.


Most products have a demo period and there are good articles like this:-


There are also many new systems that include content creation tools.



When it comes to stand alone tools that create modules with SCORM tracking, I've used Captivate and Articulate since the early versions. Captivate is the best way to create interactive software training and also has excellent video output. Personally, due to my web design background I’m not yet happy with their HTML5 output.


I think there are 2 levels of tools. I work in corporate L&D and many professionals simply do not have the time to dedicate to these more sophisticated authoring and design tools. I've been creating e-learning since 1996 so Captivate is fine for me because I also use the full range of Adobe CC software.


Occasional users need simpler tools. That’s why I’m so exited about the new browser based html5 authoring tools. I have been following the Adapt Authoring tool since it started. I have also tried out GOMO. Unfortunately Adapt is still in it’s early days and requires significant technical expertise to self install. There are just a few hosted providers of the tool. But Adapt is clearly something that most people could get up to speed with to quickly create e-learning modules. I like the scrolling web page output and online team collaboration is an essential feature.


I don’t have experience of Lectora or Claro but I would like to know what people think.


These days creating html5 multi-device output has to be the first choice unless there a specific reason to use Flash or target Internet Explorer 6,7,8.

There is a growing variety of tools required to create digital learning content, not just an authoring tool:-


I like what Adobe are doing with their iPhone/iPad apps. We will see more tools that are simple to use like Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice. For example, to use Adobe Clip to edit a video on my iPhone is very easy but to use Adobe Premiere (the desktop version) requires a much deeper skillset. Video and audio editing tools are essential.

I'm writing this in October 2015 but by the end of the year everything may have changed :-)

Thanks Howard for the great response.  We continue to use

http://www.netexlearning.com/en/learningmaker/ very effectively.   Its a great tool and has been ahead of its game.   I think I will commission my own comparative research.

Check out Learning Light (http://www.learninglight.com/). They've got a great handle on the LMS / E-learning / Authoring market. Independent and very well informed.



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