I am currently thinking about the development of my design team and wonder if anyone has any guide as to courses/curriculum that would be suitable for a design team with mixed ability and has not had any design development before.

We don't have a rapid authoring tool a the moment but are ho
Ing to get Atlantic Link within the next 6 months. Are there any books you would recommend on design/e-learning?



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Hi Damien, 


The Rapid -E Learning blog and accompanying handboook are a good place to start. http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/


I am part way through reading Engaging Learning (desugning e-learning simulation games), Clark N. Quinn.....as a starter for 10.

Hope this helps,



Alex-thanks for this, will bring up at our next team meeting!
Also Cathy Moore's e-learning blueprint: http://elearningblueprint.com/
Thanks a lot Alex-I think we have this on a 'wish list'as we'll need a subscription-but I've seen an example and it looks good! Thanks again for the reply Alex much appreciated!



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