Ideas on how training and L&D can respond to the Bribery Act

With the Bribery Act having now been in force for three months I would be interested to know how members have responded to the legislation? Can your people really distinguish between an acceptable gift from an illegal bribe as defined under the law?

If you have responded to the legislation already, what has your preferred approach been?

If you’re still waiting to make a start, please choose one option below to respond:

(a) Not really. After all I don’t know anyone else who’s bothering.

(b) No. There hasn’t been any high-profile cases reported in the papers, so it’s just business as usual for us.

(c) No. I think it only really applies to businesses that trade overseas, so that lets us out.

(d) No. Our people are pretty well aware of the penalties, so that keeps them the right side of the law.

(e) None of the above: it’s something we should be looking at


It would be great to hear the thoughts of members on this issue.



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We have opted to provide information and a guidance note to our employees on the Bribery Act.  I've looked at a number of elearning courses which look good but we haven't stepped into that territory yet.  We have identified that we will need to follow up our information/guidance with either some kind of test, to check that people have read and understood the Act and the guidance or roll-out a short elearning piece in 2012.  Inmarkets product is probably the best we have seen so far.   

Hi Alex

This has been an exciting project for us. We've developed quite a robust training programme including F2F briefings, a bespoke e-learning course, supported by learning resources and video clips via a Moodle platform. We've also developed some commercial agreements and have been selling the e-learning module to our clients aswell. A great example of the L&D team adding more value to the business.

Whilst its early days, people are still feeling there way with the legislation. Most enquiries have been around corporate hospitality and what is acceptable/not. Worth keeping on the agenda as there have been the first few cases of prosecutions/investigations being reported.

Happy to discuss further (01132092033)


Hi Ray

Thanks for your input on this. We have also noticed that corporate hospitality is high on a lot of peoples agenda's. What are the other key types of resources and video clips that you have found effective? It seems although the uptake on the legislation has been quite slow this far but we are also expecting an upturn as the initial case law develop around this. We will also be looking at some alternative ways of approaching this type of learning in the upcoming LT show so it would be great to discuss this further in January and share some of the the work we have been doing with you.

We are a team of approximately 150 employees and approached it through a classroom breifing/workshop which was very engaging and the trainer was a former police officer. We also took the opportunity to review our "speaking up/whistle bolowing policy" and this brought the link home. In addition we ran procurement training for all staff in the last year and this again made the point of how Bribery Act could come into play in everyday work.

Might be able to share some info here Alex but.....what's it worth? ;-)



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