Importance Of eLearning Quality Assurance To Deliver Bug-Free Courses

Just like any other product that is going to be released into the market, an e-learning course also needs quality assurance (QA) before it is launched to the learners. However, quality assurance is much more significant to e-learning because, the overall development happens in multiple categories, which are completely divergent to one another, yet all congregate to form a wonderful course to engage and delight the learners. These divergent categories involve multiple tasks such as – instructional design, storyboarding, video editing, screen recording, animations, audio and video recording, graphic designing, translating text, providing sub titles and publishing the course. For all these individual categories, the quality assurance should happen separately and when the final course is published, efficient testing should be done for the probable bugs.

Hence, the production of an e-learning course – end to end – is a gigantic task which needs quality assurance at each level to enhance the user experience. Quality assurance is like a current flowing underneath at every level of the development, without which the outcome would be shabby and unimpressive. Quality assurance in e-learning development, in fact, addresses various business aspects in a disguised way. It assures e-learning course quality, enhances product improvement, gains learner satisfaction, improves business standards, and eventually wins more and more customers.

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