Does anyone know of any short (1-5 min) videos with impact which could be used to introduce and inspire newcomers to blended learning who are entrenched in a physical classroom mentality? The focus needs to be on showcasing the variety of tools available - virtual classroom, self-paced, social media, etc- and developing a new way of thinking about the way we learn and teach.

I have trawled through You Tube but have found little to do with workplace learning (mostly school education), but perhaps my search terms are lacking! I am also aware of the "Do You Know" series.


Thanks, Phil

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Don't know of any myself Phil but I'm keen to see if other people can supply some.

Hi Phil

This one about social media is great:

Hi Joanna - thanks for this, haven't seen it!
Fab video - and so true to the new generations. I'd love to see if there are any out there that put a fully blended approach in a really good (impactful) light. If not, we're altering our training at the moment to a truly blended learning focussing in on tasks over subject specific content - any helpful hints on this would be great! And I'll find a way to put our results on youtube.

There's a lot out there in YouTube (and maybe Vimeo).  I'm not sure if you'd have the rights to re-use it.  Do a google video search and see what comes up.  There may be other bespoke search engines - what say the others??





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